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Jeff Gordon

#1-CURE NOT REMEDY THIS IS NO JOKE!!! I have read a lot of the remedies,but I didn't read much about cures. I'm only talking about curing the infection and the pain associated with it. The sooner you treat the problem the sooner the pain will subside. Directions:take 3-4 1000mg. garlic pills, or garlic oil jell tabs, the oil seems to work a little better. If you catch it early enough take 3-tabs equaling 3000mgs.three times a day for a total of 9,000mgs. per day. But if the infection is advanced start by taking 4-tabs=4000mg. then reduce to 3-tabs three times a day for a daily total of 10,000mgs.of garlic oil or pills.The infection will be gone in 1-3 days generally.In any case simply repeat until infection is gone. You should notice a significant difference in 2-3 days,if not get to a doctor as soon as possible. Jeff Gordon

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