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Submitted by Michaela


If you're like me, then you KNOW what it's like to have acne that just WON'T come off! This isn't a HOME remedy i'm afraid, but again, if you're like me, then those don't work on you.

The thing that worked for me was:
Boric acid + Clindamycin-ampules
Mix these two together, dab or spray on your face about 3 times a day AFTER YOU WASH YO FACE.

and there you go :) it works i guarantee it. But be warned! It will get worse before it gets better so, yeah. If you're a pussy then don't try it. it's not expensive and you can get it in almost any drug store.

You're welcome ;)

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Submitted anonymously

Boric acid is a holistic approach to treating acne recommended to me by my dermatologist. It literally got rid of my acne,and inflammation in 3 days. It is a very old school treatment used back in the days to treat all kinds of inflammations. When you go to any country in Europe, and walk in to their pharmacy asking for boric acid water for acne they will make it for you.

Submitted by Allison

I applied this around the vagina to prevent sweat and white dots started to form everywhere

Submitted by Andrew Pappas, Creta island

Boric acid CURED an inflammatory skin condition i had years. Prescribed medicine from 3 different skin doctors repeatedly failed to treat.

I have used medical-grade boric acid bought from pharmacy store (white powder in sachets, brand 'MEDIPLANTS ACIDO BORICO F.U.)
I am sure that ANY OTHER BRAND of high purity boric acid (medical-grade), should work as good.

I have spent for prescribed medicine more than $1,000-USD over a period of 3+ years. One prescription alone cost was $60 per month in pills
I have spent 3.80 euro (about $5.00 USD) for 5 sachets X30grams med-grade boric acid

Submitted by becky

Lol - many food items we consume or use topically are good for killing insects or other animals. For instance, I use garlic, chilli and canola oil to kill garden pests. Tabacco is also good for that. I use salt to kill snails (by the way, salt is more toxic than borax) and if my dog eats raisins she will die, as will my dwarf netherland rabbits if they eat lettuce. Sulphur, borax and various other chemical substances are good acne and anti aging treatments, as is ozone therapy (I literally loose weight overnight after using an ozone sauna)

I'm no oil painting but I've managed to keep my weight within 2 or 3 kgs of my ideal weight since high school and even after having 4 children. I used to gym regularly but haven't had time for the last 11 years. Everyone tells me that I look young for my age. I am just generally health conscious and I research a hell of a lot. Having mothered and schooled children for the last 2 decades, I have consistently found doctors and nurses and those most basically trained in medicine to be quite ill informed and arrogant in their superb lack of general medical knowledge. For the last 15 years I have insisted on ONLY dealing with specialists and Dr's trained in multiple medical fields. Dermatologists are unfortunately a dime a dozen and one has to search far and wide for one that knows their stuff.

In short, the situation is this - most formally trained medical people have endured years of brainwashing by curricula formulated, financed and approved by members of the pharmaceutical industry. I'm not joking. You are all studying warfare under the instruction of those who wish to enslave your understanding purely for financial gain. It would actually be quite hilarious if it weren't such a serious topic. We're talking health and safety and quality of life here ..... for sale! So sorry dear "educated ones" with your diplomas and doctorates etc.... the rest of us weren't just staring at the ceiling while you were immersed in someone's idea of a text book on "all things medical and chemical". Read a bit more and even more widely than you're used to. As an aside .... why do you think that medical sites are closed to the public unless they PAY for the information? Just this morning I read an entire abstract from one of those sites. It covered information gleaned from multiple double blind placebo controlled tests that span nearly 15 years. It was interesting but I already knew it all (sans the fancy in depth chemical analysis) from books and articles and texts and journals I have been reading since the age of 11 (that's about 30 years of reading.) Really - this is so silly, for a humble housewife to have to say the most obvious. We're in the 21st century guys ....

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