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Submitted by dt

Wash your face with hair conditioner. That's right, hair conditioner. It works!

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Submitted by Acne sufferer

conditioner? are you serious? wont that clog your pores?

Submitted anonymously

conditioner does clog your pores and PLEASE avoid washing your face with any shampoos/conditioners: they will only make you break out more

Submitted anonymously

Conditioner will make your face more oily and prone to break out. It also clogs your pores. Don't wash your face with condtioner.

Submitted anonymously

keeping your skin moisturized will help controll the production of oil in the skin. But I would think a facial moisturizer formulated for sensitive skin would be preferable to any hair product. I recommend Almay.

Submitted anonymously

On top of clogging pores, conditioner contains oil and fragrances, which will only make acne worse!

Submitted by Petey

How wrote this crap? Conditioner?! Unless you have dandruff on your face, there is no reason to do this? One question though, what type of conditioner? Head&Shoulder, Optimum Care? I meant what?

Submitted by DTSoul


Submitted anonymously

you're supposed to avoid washing your face with any shampoos or conditioners, as the ingredients often aggravate the face. I suggest that after you wash your hair, rinse your face off with a face-safe soap right before you step out of the shower.

Submitted by abi

I once use treseme hair conditioner, it only slightly helped, the acne cleared a little, bit with no major effects!

Submitted by Amber

This will NOT work, conditioner contains oils that can make it worse alon with the fact that most ingrediensts in conditioners irritate skin severly! i wouldnt recommend doing this

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