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Submitted by Janice

If you have the stomach for it...

Acne can be cured by dabbing the eruptions with a urine-soaked baby diaper. Dab and let it dry, then wash with unscented Dial soap. It takes about 5 days to begin to see an improvement. I don't know if any first morning urine works. This was told to me over 20 years ago and it has cured everyone who has admitted to trying it. The first was my cousin Sarah. This is not a prank.

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Submitted anonymously

whoever is saying that this remedy does not work, obviously has never tried it. There are alot of new face washes and creams out there now that use lab made horse pee. It does sound gross and its not something that I would do, but don't doubt something you havent tried, it could work for you.

Submitted anonymously

Oh i forgot to say, pee is steril, ihts not as bad as you think. I once read a magazine like glamour or cosmopolitan and it was saying something about a girl who didn't know if it was safe to leave her tampon in after peeing because sometimes she doesnt need to after she uses the bathroom, and they said that it's perfectly fine because pee is steril

Submitted by Erica

This is directed to Angry:
I hope you realize that there is no bacteria in urine. Urine is an extremely sanitary body fluid. Did you know that people in world war 2 drank urine to stay alive while hiding in trenches? I have not tried the urine to cure acne, so I don't know if that will work, but don't discriminate against other's successes.

Submitted anonymously

I myself would never try this because I think there are better solutions but this remedy isn't a surprise really. Coming straight from the human body, it lacks any bacteria. As an add-on to the previous comment, I once saw on a documentary that in some third-world environments lacking hygienic resources, mothers will bath there children in urine because its sterile.

Submitted anonymously

and no i DONT have the stomach for it!
i will NEVER try it! that is sick and only a real fruit cup would do it!
you must have alot of time on your hands to figure that out!but really...who in the right mind would put pi.. on there face!

Submitted by Amber G

This works. As a nurse, I know that there is nothing wrong with doing this. In case any of you unbelivers should happen to take any kind of hormonal medication, you should know that urine is an ingredient in many medications.

Submitted anonymously

This is to the person who thinks that we should 'get with the program because it is 2005'. If just eating right will cure acne, then why are you on this site looking up acne cures?

Submitted by Chinese Media!

Oh my god, this IS a chinese remedy!! I remember once on the old Journey to the West shows in China with the monkey king character, the monkey made a secret medicine for the king out of horse urine and the scrapings of the bottom of old cooking pans. The king was cured the next day, yadda yadda, but I never really thought the story might be remotely true! Wowie....

Still, I don't think I could ever manage to pull this off...sigh. Clap clap for those of you who did o_O. I'm already disgusted by fishing out accidentally dropped items from the toilet (I hate it when that happens >_<).

Submitted by All4peepee

Sure it might sound gross, but hey if you've had emotionally scarring and physically scarring acne like i have you'll try anything..and i mean ANYTHING. i would wipe poop on my face if it worked!!

Submitted by MC Dz worker


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