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Submitted by paingone

I had an abcessed tooth and a swollen lymph node on my chin due to the severity of the infection. Im allergic to Amox & Penn, not to mention that $ is so scarce these days. Cant afford a dentist. This is what killed the infection.
GSE- Grapefruit seed extract rinse
Activated charcoal poultice on tooth/gum
Raw garlic/pills - took 5,000 mg a day
Castor oil pack on node
Vitamin c - 4,000 mg a day
Cal/Mag - 6 capsules
Alfalfa- 600 mg/ 9 capsules
Super echinacea extract- 5 x per day
ACV- 2tbs / 3 x a day
Omega oil- 1000 mg 4 capsules/ a day
Cats claw/with mushroom defense

This got rid of my infection in 1 day the pain lasted no more than 5 hrs.
I thank God for these amazing natural remedies. Good luck to all u suffering from tooth pain its a killer!

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Submitted anonymously

It almost seems that everything on this list would cost more than a OTC Antibiotic. 0.o

Submitted anonymously

This seems far more expensive than seeing a doctor!!!

Submitted anonymously

I am sure all of that costs more than my dental visit (at a low cost clinic with a sliding fee) $20.00 and my free antibiotic (at meijer's store) and my $6.99 large bottle of Motrin 800 mg.

Submitted by gg

well its better than dying of pain!!! Btw I use all this on a regular basis, don't you think one should?? being healthy has no price.. its all worth it & im still pain free

Submitted anonymously

Just because the pain died down doesn't mean the tooth won't need work. Infections can be cleared up but the tooth is still decaying. Free dental clinics, or low cost/income ones, and free antibiotics at a lot of pharmacies now. I'd opt for that.

Submitted by Dee

Thank you for your suggestion. I could not get in touch with my dentist, called him twice on Sunday, I was in agony, your suggestions really helped until I could get antibiotics
Thank you!

Submitted by happy

I too was in agony the whole weekend :(
I tried your suggestions and i am now pain free. i tried everything except the castor oil, & cats claw. Luckily i already had most. Thank you.. God bless.

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