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Submitted by Chris

just eat ice cream until it goes away, a pint will do just everytime you sit down to eat or do anything that sparks your acid reflux, have your ice cream on hand...I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream

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Submitted anonymously

Eating ice cream all the time to mask the symptoms is just setting yourself up for a whole different set of problems. Weight gain would be the first and the side effects of sugar are endless. Please don't consider that as a remedy.

Submitted anonymously

..unless of course you're lactose intolerant, wherein doing so will make matters much worse

Submitted anonymously

Ah give a person a break! I just tried the pickle juice solution that another person posted. It worked. But now I'm happy to try this solution as well! Now I finally get the 'pickels and icecream' cliche for pregnant women!!

Submitted anonymously

Ice cream or any high fat foods makes my acid reflux worse

Submitted anonymously

I bet you are fat as hell!!!

Submitted by Dr

Anything with lactose is only going to make your acid worse. I do not recommend trying this. The best thing to use is baking soda or vinegar. These bases counter act the acid bringing your ph level to its normal state

Submitted by Michelle

I eat ice cream every day almost and it dose not help at all and I dont have a bad case of reflux. So the whole ice cream thing is not true at least not for me.

Submitted anonymously

I read that whole page of remedies and only yours made me laugh and feel better and it is definitely the best tasting

Submitted by Jessica

I'd rather deal with acid reflux than binge on ice cream to fix the problem. Replace acid reflux symptoms with weight gain weight, ingest insane and unhealthy amounts of sugar...that's no remedy!

Submitted anonymously

So, now your over-weight. And you have acid reflux. Yeah, that sounds like a fail to me.

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