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Welcome to, the premiere site for exchanging home remedies with others around the world. Herbal treatments and alternative health are growing in popularity as more and more people discover what they have to offer. This site archives home remedies for a wide range of topics such as acne home remedies, sunburn home remedies, toothache home remedies, poison ivy home remedies, cold sore home remedies, sore throat home remedies, constipation home remedies, weight loss home remedies, ear infection home remedies, and headache home remedies.

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Submitted by Walderez Vianna Douglass at 2014-07-31 17:54:10
My JRT was diagnosed with demodectic mange, in one month he is TOTALLY free from this skin condition, with full hair and no itching at all. First we use Cedar Oil from Cedarside, but what I recommend is MITE AVENGE! Works since the first time. The customer Service is excellent, she told me to use QUERCETIN instead of Benadryl and works too.Is one dip after bath and smell like a lemonade or something. Is expensive but save us lots of money and time and the immune system of the dog ( no toxic stuff!)Since then ( I learned on Mite Avenge website I cut all grains from his diet ( grains feed mites ) and I start to cook for my dogs ( NO GRAINS at all, but it's ok quinoa, (seed= protein ), pumpkin pure, vegetables and meat and fruits. They love it! Best part no mange on him,..I gave him vit.C, Echinacea, Milke Thistle and Pau D'arco mix with 100% pumpkin ( can ).
Bacterial Vaginosis
Submitted at 2014-07-31 13:18:47
I had BV for about two years. The Dr. prescribed pills and creams and none of it worked. It went on for so long with no relief that she finally gave me a prescription for an iodine douche. This gets a bad rap because it will kill your good bacteria as well. After years of suffering, it was worth the risk. It made a positive impact on my discomfort. Iodine can be bought OTC in the feminine hygiene isles. Buy a generic douche bottle for a dollar, empty it and douche twice a day. It has to be watered down before you use it!! I used the douche for a couple of months.

Secondly, I added a daily probiotic to my diet along with Vitamin D, Folic acid, and garlic supplements. I never inserted the pills into my vagina, I only take them orally.

Take everything you read here with a grain of salt, but the remedies are all worth a try when you have an infection and you are suffering something awful. Everyone's body is different so you may need to alter the suggestions to fit your needs. That is what I had to do and I feel soooooo much better. For two years I thought I'd just have to learn to live with it, but relief is possible. Good luck to all of you and I hope you find relief!!
Head Lice
Submitted by Ed at 2014-07-31 13:02:21
My story is a VERY long one, so I won't lay out all the details. It spans about 13 months, although the word 'lice' did not even enter my mind until I was about 8 months into the situation. When it was all over I must have spent about $1,200 dollars on prescription drugs, doctors/dermatologist appointments, and home remedies. During the last 3 weeks with the 'problem' I spent about 5 hours per day dealing with the apparent head lice problem. I finally got so fed-up and discouraged that I went to a head-lice-removal salon, even though I had to drive about 90 miles to get there. Much to my surprise the salon did not find ANY head lice on me! When I described to them all that I had been through over a very long period of time, I was told that the symptoms that I had early on could NOT have been caused by head lice. A few days after visiting the head-lice-removal salon when I saw my dermatologist for about the 4th time concerning my 'head lice problem', and I told her what happened at the head-lice-removal salon, we both came to the conclusion that I probably NEVER had head lice! It probably all started with a case of scalp eczema. Then somebody, who was trying to be helpful, suggested that I might have lice. After researching lice on the Internet it seemed to me that that is what I had. All the symptoms seemed to fit perfectly. From then on I saw everything and analyzed everything through the lens/belief that I DID have head lice. However, in reality I probably had some scalp eczema at first. That probably healed but then I was scrapping with the nit comb, and later with a dog comb, dandruff onto my shoulders. This was mistaken for head lice. The bottom line is, if you have not dealt with head lice before, don't assume that you have it. Put some samples of what you comb out of your hair in a clear baggie and take that to a dermatologist and insist that those scalp samples be examined by him/her under a microscope or by a lab. In lieu of seeing a dermatologist, if you are fortunate enough to have a head-lice-removal salon nearby, visit one. You could be saving yourself a LOT of time, money, worry, and stress. I wish that I had taken one of these two actions a LLOOOOONG time ago! Thank God that there are people who are willing to work in a head-lice-removal salon!

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